Choc 1As a fully qualified registered and insured veterinary physiotherapist I am only able, by law, to treat your animal with permission from your veterinary surgeon. This must be obtained prior to the first treatment so I will require details of your vet upon booking your first appointment so that I am able to contact them to obtain this.

The typical appointment will last between 60-90 minutes and will firstly consist of both a static and dynamic visual assessment. I will asses your animal for conformation and muscular symmetry and will then need to see them moving in both walk and trot. Please be prepared to walk and trot up your animal or if you are unable to do so, ensure that there is someone else present who can do this for you. If you are experiencing a specific problem with your horse I may also need to see him/her on the lunge or under saddle.

After the gait assessment I will perform a thorough clinical examination which will include palpation of soft tissues and assessment of range of motion, during which time I will assess for pain reaction as well as any restrictions or difficulty of movement.

As I will have spoken to your vet before your first appointment I will have already discussed and read up on their clinical veterinary history but in order to obtain a complete picture I will need to ask you questions about your animals injury history, daily routine, nutrition, performance and behaviour. This will enable me to get a better picture of the problem and help me to create a treatment program tailored to your animal as an individual.

The treatment program will then be discussed detailing the type and frequency of treatments which will consist of manual techniques of massage and stretching as well as remedial exercises where appropriate. Physiotherapy treatment programs achieve the best results when the owner and physiotherapist work alongside each other and the best results are achieved when owners are willing to continue with the manual therapies in between physiotherapy sessions.