imageI have worked in the equestrian industry from a young age, when I got my first job at an event yard to pay for my first horse. Since then I have worked with top level competition horses competing in both pure dressage and eventing. Whilst working in the equestrian industry I discovered my passion for producing young horses and in 2011 I started backing and training young warmbloods for Northcliff Equine. I have produced horses which have gone on to be successful in all disciplines and am currently training a promising string of my own through the levels of affiliated dressage with aspirations to compete at the very highest level. I believe in training the horse as an all round athlete no matter which discipline you specialise in and am a huge advocate for cross training, my dressage horses all jump and hack regularly as part of their training programs. Over the years I have spent working in the industry I developed a passion for producing quirky and tricky horses and strongly believe in helping all horses reach their potential. This is where physiotherapy comes in, as understanding a horse's conformational weaknesses and working to support them can be a key part of him achieving a riders ridden goals, be that, as a family horse or a high performance athlete.

Alongside my equestrian activities, dogs play an important role in my life and I love spending time with my jack russell, Smartie. I have spent the last 4 years working in an award winning small animal veterinary practice. Here I have gained experience of orthopaedic surgery and working with animals who are being rehabilitated from surgery, which highlights the importance of good post operative physiotherapy.